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Our CEO and Founder – Dr. Bernd Kopacek

Bernd heads the Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation – one of the leading research organisations in electronics and the environment – in Vienna as Managing Director since 1997. Besides that he runs his own small group of companies in Austria and Romania specialising on electronics recycling, recycling precious and rare metals as well as re-use of IT equipment and mobile phones since 1999. In 2007 and 2008 he has been appointed as International Consultant by the International Finance Corporation (part of the Worldbank group) to set up an efficient WEEE solution for Southeast Europe. In 2011 his contract with IFC has been enlarged also to India and 2018 to Pakistan. Since 2011 Bernd teaches “Resource Efficiency” and “End-of-Life Management” as part-time Lecturer at Vienna University of Technology and as guest lecturer at various other universities.


Bernd graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Vienna University of Technology in 1993, received his Master of Science in Engineering Management from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, USA in 1996 and finally his PhD from Vienna University of Technology in 1999.


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