Re-use and remarketing

  • Mobile phones (overstock, obsolete, BER, 14-day return, used, refurbished, …)
  • Accessories, batteries, components (LCD, motherboard), …
  • Mobile phone networks
  • IT equipment (PDA, notebook, computer, monitor, printer, …)
  • Recycling fractions (metal compounds, cables, glass, paper, plastics, printed wiring boards, …

Dismantling and Recycling

  • Mobile phone networks (base stations, …)
  • Mobile phones (overstock, BER, 14-day return, used, refurbished, …)
  • Accessories, batteries, components (LCD, motherboard), …
  • IT equipment (PDA, notebook, computer, monitor, printer, …) 

Training and Consulting

  • Training and Quality control on how to test, sort and pack mobile phones and ICT equipment
  • Identifying possible cost savings and environmental gains in waste management
  • Setting-up optimized Re-use and Recycling solutions for B2B and B2C customers as well as collective systems/producer responsibility organisations
  • Business plans, collection and reverse logistics, processing and technological know-how, training and operational advice for electronics recycling companies
  • Green Business Angel
  • Steering Mergers & Acquisitions in the waste management and recycling sector


ISL - Innovative System Lösungen

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