Intelligent disassembly solutions

With the rapidly increasing amount of products coming back at the end of their first life, it becomes necessary to automate the component extraction either for direct re-use or to enrich the material stream that goes later on to recovery processes for precious and critical metals (e.g. rare earth). This automation potential will be one of the most important productivity factors for this new re-use and recovery processes to become even more competitive (reduce costs of disassembling and create a human working environment).


Until now we have developed and successfully implemented industrial solutions for the 

  • Disassembly of components from printed circuit boards for component re-use
  • Selective extraction of components from printed circuit boards to enrich the material going to precious and critical metal recovery as the next treatment step
  • Disassembly of small ICT products (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs, 
  • smart phones, tablet computers, …)
  • Disassembly of computer monitors and TV-sets
  • We are happy to develop tailored solutions fitting your exact needs.


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